Frame Instructions: Raft Frame Anchor System

NRS Raft Frame Anchor System

Raft Frame Anchor System Components:

  • (a) Remote Bracket
  • (b) Intermediate Pulley for cast LoPro


  • (c) Intermediate Pulley for forged LoPro
  • (d) Anchor Mast
  • One oversized U-bolt with nuts and washers
  • One standard U-bolt with nuts and washers
  • One 2.5" bolt with nut and two washers

Note: Rope sold separately.


  1. Remove the bolt that secures the LoPro fitting on the right side of the foot bar. Place the Remote Bracket (a) on top of the foot bar with the pulley facing the stern of the craft. Line up the holes, insert the 2.5" bolt, with a washer on both ends, and tighten. This fastens the bracket in front and to the side of the rower.
  2. Remote Bracket
    (a) Remote Bracket
  3. Which Intermediate Pulley used will depend on which type of LoPro you have on the rear cross bar. The Older cast aluminum LoPro has the word “NRS” molded into the top. The newer hot-forged LoPro has “NRS FORGED” stamped into the top.
  4. Remove U-bolt from the LoPro fitting on the right side of the rear cross bar. Replace with the oversized U-bolt.
  5. If you have the older cast aluminum LoPro you will attach Intermediate Pulley (b) to the inboard arm of the U-bolt. If you have the forged LoPro, place Pulley (c) over both arms of the U-bolt. Tighten nuts.
  6. Anchor Pulley, cast
    (b) Intermediate Pulley
    Anchor Pulley, forged
    (c) Pulley
  7. Place the Anchor Mast (d) to the right side of the stern seat bar and tighten U-bolt.
  8. Anchor Release
    (d) Anchor Mast
  9. Periodically check the tightness of all bolts.