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Instructions: Rear Casting Platform


  • (1) Pre-assembled Platform with bars
  • (2) Straight Hanger Bars
  • (4) U-bolts with Lock Nuts & Washers
  • (8) Washers and Locking Nuts


  1. Install the U-bolts into the platform LoPros. It may be necessary bend the horns of the U-bolts so that they line up with the holes in the LoPros. This small amount of bending can usually be done by hand.
  2. Place the hanger bars onto the platform LoPros and add the nuts and washers, but don’t tighten them yet.
  3. Position the platform in front of the cross bar.
  4. Once everything is lined up, install the U-bolts in the hanger bar LoPros and tighten all of the lock nuts.
  5. Thread a strap through the hole in the front of the platform and run it to a D-ring or other solid attachment point in front of the platform to help support the user’s weight.
  6. To ensure the longevity of these and all frame parts, periodically check the tightness of all the nuts and platform bolts.