Frame Instructions: NRS Top Cat Frame

NRS Top Cat Cataraft Frame

Top Cat Components:

  • (2) Yokes
  • (4) Side Rails
  • (3) Cross Bars
  • (1) Universal Seat Mount
  • (2) Foot Bars
  • (1) Pair of Oar Mounts
  • (1) Pair of Cooler Mounts
  • (2) 9ft Straps
  • (4) Strap Slides
  • (1) Frame Wrench
  • (20) U-bolts
  • (40) Washers and Locking Nuts
  • (1) High-Back Drain Hole Seat with bolts and washers

Note: Side Rails, Seat, and Cooler Mount are packed separately


  1. Lay out the frame parts as shown in the image above.
  2. Attach the Universal Seat Mount to the center of one of the cross bars.
  3. Begin by placing the yokes upside down with the narrow end up.
  4. Install the U-bolts on the inner yoke LoPros. Add the washers and the nuts, leaving them loose. Slide the two inner side rails in through the U-bolts, then tighten the nuts.
  5. Turn the yoke right side up so that the inner rails are supporting the frame. Follow step 2 with the outer rails.
  6. Set the seat, foot, and cross bars in place and add the U-bolts, nuts and washers. Adjust the cross bars so that they fit against the cooler or dry box snugly. (It may be necessary to remove the U-bolts to make adjustments.)
  7. Add seat, oar mounts, and cooler mounts.
  8. Check to be sure that all of the U-bolts are tight. Periodically check the tightness of all nuts and seat bolts.