Zipper Care

ArticleJune 13, 2011

Proper care for dry suit, dry wear, and wetsuit zippers will help prolong the useful life of your paddling and boating technical outerwear. Below are product recommendations and instructions you’ll find useful in keeping your zippers working well.


  • Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner + Lubricant
  • Gear Aid Zipper Lubricant Stick

Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner + Lubricant

Cleans and lubricates nylon and metal zippers.

  • Before applying, unzip garment and clean zippers with the applicator brush.
  • Open cap and brush generous amounts of lubricant onto zipper teeth.
  • Re-apply regularly, especially before long storage periods.
  • Close cap and rinse brush after use.
  • Apply Zipper Lubricant Stick when finished for further protection

Gear Aid Zipper Lubricant Stick

Lubricates and protects nylon and metal zippers.

  • Rub lubricant up and down zipper teeth.
  • Work zipper to fully lubricate entire mechanism.
  • Re-apply regularly.
  • Store product in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Note: For prolonged storage of dry suits and dry tops, store with zipper all the way open. If left closed for long periods, the zipper’s sealing elements can take on a “compression set” making them less effective.