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NRS + onWater Fishing App

Explore Your Water

It’s Your Water...
Explore It

Whether you’re planning a fly fishing destination trip, just getting out for a day or exploring water on the app instead of working, all the things you need are right at your fingertips with onWater.

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Access accurate and interactive fishing maps, local fly shops, real-time water data, public/private lands and all the tools you need to make more informed fishing decisions.

More Than Maps

Who is onWater?

More Than Maps

The onWater app can be used to enhance every angler’s experience while respecting the secrets that make fishing special.

onWater technology consolidates the myriad of fishing resources available in a simple, personalized app that strives to enhance every day on the water through a commitment to accurate maps and a passion for fishing.

Detailed Fishing Info and Interactive Maps

Know Before You Go

Detailed Fishing Info and Interactive Maps

  • Find access points, boat ramps, campsites, restrooms, marinas and more.
  • Check real-time river and streamflows.
  • Access local weather forecasts in one place.
  • Calculate exact river distances from your location and between access points.
  • Get proximity notifications when near selected points.
  • Connect with local fly shops and shuttles.
Public and Private Land Boundaries

Access With Confidence

Public and Private Land Boundaries

Find new places to fish and new species to pursue. Know if where you are fishing is legal with detailed and accurate public and private parcel boundaries.

Check Current Streamflow, Weather and Fishing Reports

Real Time Data

Check Current Streamflow, Weather and Fishing Reports

What more do you need to know? All the important information in one convenient app means more time for you to go fishing.

Calculate Precise Distances

Don’t Guess

Calculate Precise Distances

Where should we float?
Get exact mileage between boat ramps to find the right float for your schedule.

How far are we from the takeout?
You can see how many miles are left to float and even get notified when you’re close.