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The Clean Waste Toilet System

Lightweight Portable Toilet System

Pett Toilet System Kit with Shelter

A truly portable, easy to use, and sanitary means of human waste disposal that sets up in seconds. The three legged, portable toilet folds into briefcase size, weighing only 7 lbs., yet is the same height as a standard toilet. Special degradable, puncture resistant, landfill approved bags contain a powder that gels liquids, catalyzes decay, and removes odor. The complete system includes: the portable toilet; 15 waste bags with powder, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and zip close disposal bag; a floorless, 6’6” x 4’ x 4’ privacy tent with three closable windows; and a backpack. The backpack is specially designed to hold the entire portable toilet system, including a pocket for carrying used bags when necessary. The complete system weighs only 19 lbs.

Next time you have to go, you will be glad you have your Clean Waste® system.

Includes: 1 Clean Waste® toilet, 15 WAG™ Bag kits, a PUP™ Privacy Tent, and a TOTE™



PETT Toilet System
  • Easy to use. No assembly required, sets up in seconds
  • Same Height and Size as a Standard Toilet
  • Folds into Briefcase Size with Dimensions of 19" x 14" x 5"
  • SANITARY: Utilizes degradable waste bags (WAG™ bags) that gel
    Waste, neutralize odor and begin the decay process, which make this system spill proof and hygienic. Special design of seat flange keeps outside of waste bag clean
  • STABLE: Three-leg design for stability on uneven terrain
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 7 lbs.

Includes the Clean Waste® (Portable Environmental Toilet) and three WAG™ bag kits.


The WAG™bag kit (Waste Alleviation & Gelling)

  • Each WAG™ bag kit contains an outer zip-close disposal bag, waste bag preloaded with Pooh-Powder™, toilet paper and a hand sanitizer
  • Double-Bag System is made from a puncture resistant material
  • Our non-toxic Pooh-Powder™ gels waste, removes odors (no perfumes), and begins the decay process. Spill proof and Hygienic
  • WAG™ bag kits are degradable and are approved for disposal in any garbage can.
  • Can be used in standard toilet when water or power is off.

The WAG™ bag kits can be used with the Clean Waste® (Portable Environmental Toilet) or by themselves while hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, or in an emergency. These kits are sold singly or in packs of 12, 50 or 100.



The PUP™ (Portable Utility Pop-up tent)

PUP Tent Shelter
  • Sets up in seconds
  • No assembly necessary – poles and connectors attached
  • Stands 6'6" tall, base 4' x 4'
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Has three screened windows with covers and zip close door
  • Inside storage pocket
  • Flap for shower
  • No floor for sanitary reasons


  • Carries entire toilet system
  • Made with a sturdy black fabric and heavy duty zippers
  • Padded straps
  • Meets current airport carry on size with dimensions of 25” x 15” x 6”
  • Has an expandable compartment to pack out used WAG™ bags
  • Separate storage area for unused bags


  • Canister contains 120 uses of the amazing Pooh-Powder™.
  • 1 scoop of powder gels 60 oz. of waste, neutralizes odor, and acts as a decay catalyst.
  • For use with your bags or for additional gelling capacity in WAG™ bags.