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NRS Outlaw I Inflatable Kayak

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Product Details

Like the NRS Bandit IK before it, the Outlaw I Inflatable Kayak comes to steal your heart. Its rigid floor and extra width create a craft that's stable enough for beginners while making adrenaline junkies smile. All at a price that won't break the bank.
  • PVC-coated polyester material repels abrasion and slides over rocks with ease.
  • The PVC-coated drop-stitch floor insert inflates to a rock hard 8-10 psi for superior wave-punching performance.
  • To get the rigid structure in the floor for best performance you will need a high-pressure pump.
  • The drop-stitch floor insert is removable for easy cleaning and repair.
  • The tubes and thwart seat inflated to 2.5 psi, combined with the floor insert with its rigid 8-10 psi air pressure, create an exceptionally high-performance kayak.
  • 38" width gives you extra stability when the water gets rough.
  • An 18" rocker height helps the Outlaw climb over waves, while 10.5" tubes and a 4" self-bailing floor provide plenty of flotation.
  • The inflatable thwart seat secures to drain holes in the floor, allowing you to place it just where you need it.
  • Two stainless steel D-rings let you secure water bottles and other gear.
  • Bow and stern handles make the Outlaw easy to carry while also providing extra tie-down points for gear.
  • Top-quality Leafield™ C7 valves ensure trouble free inflation and deflation.
  • 3-year retail warranty,1-year commercial.


Series: Outlaw
Length: 9' 10"
Width:  38"
Weight: 26 lbs.
Tube Diameter: 10.5"
Number of Thwarts: 1
Bow Kick: 18"
Stern Kick: 18"
Number of Air Chambers: 4
Valve Type: Leafield - C7
Self Bailing: Yes
Type of Material: PVC Drop-Stitch
Weight/Denier of Tube Material: 39/1000
Weight/Denier of Floor Material: 39/1000
Number of D-rings: 2
Number of Handles: 2
Center Compartment Width: 17.5"
Repair Kit: Yes
Warranty: 3 Years Retail, 1 Years Commercial