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WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail

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  • WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail


Product Details

Clip the WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail to your stand up paddle board and let the power of the wind transport you to your destination. Folds compactly to store on your deck when not in use.
  • Simply clip the WindHarness rigging clips to a bungee or deck line for rigging the sail to your SUP.
  • This isn't just a downwind sail; you can tack and maneuver up to 180 degree with simple tugs on the sail lines.
  • The windowed sail is supported by a laminated, non-corroding, highly elastic and virtually unbreakable perimeter batten.
  • Low-stretch 1/2-ounce rip-stop polyester spinnaker sailcloth, the same material used on racing yachts, will not absorb water or become heavy when wet.
  • 56" diameter sail gives you plenty of speed for a stable yet thrilling ride.
  • When not in use, the sail quickly coils into a 20" diameter package that stows flat on the deck. A pull on the control lines instantly launches the sail.
  • Practical, fun and a new challenge!

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Material:1/2 oz rip-stop polyester spinnaker sailcloth
  • Employed diameter: 56" (142.24 cm)
  • Coiled/folded diameter: 20" (50 cm)
  • Sail area: 17.1 sq. ft. (1.589 m2)
Weight:22 oz. (0.6327 kg)
Off-wind Sailing Envelope:Approximately 150°

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