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NRS Neko Knife Replacement Sheath


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  • NRS Neko Knife Replacement Sheath
  • NRS Neko Knife Replacement Sheath (alternate image)
  • NRS Neko Knife Replacement Sheath (alternate image)

Product Details

Sheaths are built to attach to PFDs, providing quick access to a knife in emergency situations. But a sheathless knife is pretty useless. Sticking back a Neko Knife Replacement Sheath is never a bad idea.
  • It's not uncommon for a sheath to break under force or be misplaced during the off-season. A back-up will come in handy in a pinch.
  • Sheaths attach to most PFDs with bomber reliability, making switching out a knife to a different jacket a pain. If you tend to wear a different jacket for different styles of boating, buy a few extra sheaths and attach them to various PFDs, then simply move the Neko Knife to each vest as needed.
  • Constructed with fiberglass-reinforced nylon.

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Product Tips

Friction-release sheaths are meant to be attached to PFDs. Holding the sheath in your hand and releasing the knife is not recommended. Exercise extreme caution when detaching the Neko Knife from its sheath when not attached to a PFD.

Material:Fiberglass-reinforced nylon
Weight:0.7 oz

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