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Tributary Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak

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Product Details

An ideal craft for paddling on lakes, bays and easy rivers. The Tributary Sawtooth Inflatable Kayak even comes with a removable skeg to help you paddle a straight course.
  • The ribbed floor chambers and removable skeg work well to assist smooth flatwater paddling and improve tracking.
  • An inflatable IK like the Sawtooth stores easily and packs small for transporting.
  • Comes with two inflatable thwart seats that can be located anywhere along the boat. Or leave one seat out and add some extra gear for a longer trip.


Length: 13' 3"
Width:  32"
Weight: 36 lbs.
Tube Diameter: 9"
Bow Kick: 9"
Stern Kick: 9"
Number of Air Chambers: 5
Valve Type: Summit II
Self Bailing: Yes
Type of Material: PVC
Weight/Denier of Tube Material: 30/650
Weight/Denier of Floor Material: 32/1000
Number of D-rings: 0
Number of Handles: 2
Center Compartment Width: 14"
Repair Kit: Yes
Warranty: 1 Years Retail, 1 Years Commercial
  • 2 inflatable thwart seats
  • Removable skeg