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  • NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame
  • NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame (alternate image)
  • NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame (alternate image)
  • NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame (alternate image)

NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame

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Product Details

The NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame turns your raft into a gear-hauling machine. This workhorse lets you carry two large coolers or dry boxes.
  • The 78" frame length makes the Compact Outfitter an excellent fit on most 14' and longer rafts.
  • Sitting on your cooler or dry box while rowing frees up extra room for gear and passengers. For extra plush seating add the NRS Flip Seat Mount and a padded raft seat.
  • We've included a set of NRS Adjustable Cooler Mounts to ensure a solid, secure seat for the rower.
  • Two 9' NRS straps and four strap slides secure your other dry box or cooler to the raft frame.
  • The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting allows complete adjustability for all frame parts. Now made in stronger, lighter hot-forged aluminum alloy.
  • NRS Oar Mounts are lighter, sleeker and stronger than ever with hot-forged aluminum alloy construction and a nylon insert to reduce rowing friction.
  • The NRS frame system makes it easy to add accessories like Side Rail Racks, Casting Platforms, Thigh Bars and Anchor Systems for even more convenience, performance and fun.
  • Use at least four NRS Tie-Down Straps to secure the frame to your boat.
  • Includes: Side Rails, four Cross Bars, Foot Bar, 8" Oar Mounts, two 9' NRS Straps, four Strap Slides and one Adjustable Cooler Mount.
  • Coolers and dry boxes sold separately.

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Frame Type:Raft Frames
Dimensions:Available Sizes
Weight:60" x 78" is 44 lbs.
Material:Modular Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • 2 - Side Rails
  • 1 - Foot Bar
  • 4 - Cross Bars
  • 1 - Pair of 8" Oar Mounts
  • 2 - NRS 9' Straps with Strap Slides (Suspend the cooler or drybox)
  • 1 - Adjustable Cooler Mount

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Dimensions (W x L)
60" x 78"
66" x 78"
72" x 78"
82" x 78"

Width is measured center to center
of the side rails.

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