Inflatable Boat Repair Guides

Boat Material Specifications


Inflatable Boat Material & Valve Reference Chart


Ensure that you know what type of material you are repairing. The Inflatable Boat Reference Chart lists boat manufactures with the type of material and valves used for each. Also included is recommended glue for your repair.

Synthetic Rubber Inflatable Boat Repairs


Repair Instructions for Pennel Orca®, Hypalon®, Neoprene & Other Synthetic Rubbers.


Step by step instructions for common Hypalon® repairs.  Includes a list of required materials, informative pictures, and important tips. 

Along with protecting your raft from harmful ultra violet rays paints may also help to seal and prevent some pinhole leaks.  This will ultimately lead to a longer life for your raft.

Pinhole Leaks - Flexseal Sealant Instructions

The Raft Sealant Kit is a great way to protect your boat from the inside out.  This product comes with complete instructions.  


Boat Accessory Installation


The installation of Pennel Orca® D-rings, footcups and carry handles is essentially the same for each accessory. The most common adhesive used for installing these accessories is Clifton Hypalon® adhesive.  Clifton Hypalon® adhesive is the bonding agent we use to manufacture our Rafts, Catarafts and Inflatable Kayaks, and this adhesive can be coupled with an accelerator for faster and stronger adhesion. 

Installing an NRS IK Foot Braces

Installing Aire Foot Braces


NRS Inflatable Boat - Use and Care Instructions


NRS Owner's Manual content for Inflatable Kayaks, Catarafts, and Rafts.  Includes boat and valve maintenance, cleaning, frame mounting, transport, storage, and warranty info. 

PVC & Urethane Inflatable Boat Repairs


PVC Repair Instructions


The various adhesives that will work with PVC materials are Clifton Urethane adhesive and Stabond

Clifton Urethane adhesive is an excellent one-part adhesive for PVC. 
Clifton Urethane Adhesive directions

Stabond is a great adhesive with accelerator. 
Stabond directions.


Pinhole Leaks - Flexseal Sealant Instructions


The Raft Sealant Kit can be used on PVC boats to help repair small pinhole leaks that may occur in your boat.