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Dry Wear Latex Gasket Emergency Field Repair

Latex gaskets and socks on dry tops, dry pants and drysuits are tough, but not indestructible. Boating with a tear in the latex can let water pour inside the garment if you swim, with possible disastrous consequences.

At the put-in you discover a tear; do you cancel the day's trip? Or worse, you're on a multiday and get a tear when putting the garment on in the morning. Risk a swim? Wrap yourself in duct tape?

There's a better solution. In this video, NRS repair guru, Josh Gile, shows you how to make a field repair with Tear-Aid Repair Tape - Type A. It's stretchy, durable, waterproof and sticks to just about everything. It belongs in every repair kit; get the 5 foot long roll.

To avoid damage, coat your gaskets with 303 Protectant to prevent sun damage. Be careful if you're wearing rings and other jewelry. These simple precautions will really prolong the life of your latex gaskets and socks.