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How To: Stretch a Neck Gasket
Dry wear is the most efficient and versatile apparel for extending your kayaking, rafting and canoeing season into the colder weather and water months. It is life-saving gear. However, there's one thing about it that's a problem for some people A neck gasket that fits snugly enough to keep water from leaking in can be very uncomfortable, especially if wearing a drytop or drysuit is something new for you. Often, if you just persevere and put up with that choking sensation for a while you'll get used to it or the gasket will stretch on its own. But if you're turning blue and wanting to send the darn thing back, it's time to take action. Here Nick Newlan, NRS Repairs, goes over the how-to of stretching a too-tight gasket.
Length: 2:51
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