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From paddleboards to IKs, rafts to paddle cats, STAR boats make fun on the water accessible to all. In 2017, NRS acquired the STAR brand with the commitment to continue STAR’s legacy.
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  • Swatch 86334_01_Red_na_Top_060818
  • Swatch 86334_01_Gray_na_Top_060818
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  • Swatch 86334_01_HunterGreen_na_Top_030920
  • Swatch 86334_01_Blue_na_Top_030920
  • Swatch 99999_03_518_HunterGreen_na_Top_030920

STAR Soft Lifting Raft Handle

Partial Stock Available
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  • Swatch 84073_01_Blue_na_Top_031320
  • Swatch 84073_01_DarkGray_na_Top_031320
  • Swatch 84073_01_Lime_na_Top_031320
  • Swatch 84073_01_Red_na_Top_031320

STAR Raft Handle

Partial Stock Available
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  • Swatch 84074_01_Blue_na_Top_030920
  • Swatch 84074_01_Gray_na_Top_030920
  • Swatch 84074_01_Lime_na_Top_030920
  • Swatch 84074_01_Yellow_na_Top_030920

STAR IK Rubber Handle

Partial Stock Available
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