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CGear Sand-Free Multimat: Tame the Sand Monster

Rocks are eroded into sand. Water picks up the sand and deposits it on river banks and coastal beaches. We camp and recreate on it. It’s great stuff – right?

Yep, except it gets in everything and our micro-trash and dropped food gets submerged in it, mucking up the beaches on our pristine waterways. What’s a body to do?

The folks at CGear have come up with the solution – the Sand-Free Multimat. The patented two-layer woven construction allows sand and dirt to rapidly sift down through the mesh, while preventing these particles from coming back up through it.

The material was developed for the military to cover helicopter landing pads. Sand kicked up by rotor blades causes dangerous loss of pilot vision and damages engines, rotors and other moving parts. The CGear material solved this problem, and it will make your outdoor experiences much more pleasant.

Put the Multimat in front of your tent vestibule – no more sand tracked in, no more sand in the gear you lay out. Place the Multimat in your camp kitchen area – sand filters through it, while food scraps and micro-trash stay on top for easy cleanup. Multiple D-rings along the edges let you stake it down securely.

Great for fun at the beach – lay your towel and picnic supplies on it, sand-free. Place it in front of your camper or RV – no more tracked in sand. Use the Multimat to cover gear on your truck and trailer; the wind blows through it, so it won’t buffet and flap like a tarp. Use your CGear Sand-Free Multimat in all these places, and more.

The woven layers are made of high-density polyethylene; it’s tough, durable and won’t absorb moisture. Cleanup is easy, just give it a shake and fold it up. You’ll find that it’s the one item that always gets packed when you head to the outdoors.