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Used Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks—We Don’t Have Any Used Inflatable Kayaks Right Now

NRS has been making quality inflatable kayaks for over 40 years. Occasionally, we have used inflatable kayaks for sale listed here. Check back often to see if we’ve listed any inflatable kayaks from our demo fleet or rare customer return.

Since we don’t currently have any used inflatable kayaks in stock, take a look below at some of our new inflatable kayaks that hit a pretty sweet price point.

NEW Inflatable Kayaks:

How to Evaluate a Used Raft from a Third Party:

Looking to buy a used raft from a third-party vendor? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you have a good buying experience.

  • Each craft should have a Hull Identification Number. A HIN will help you find the manufacturer and when it was made.
  • Is the seller the original owner? If so, they can tell you the history of how it’s been used. If not, that may remain a mystery. If it’s an NRS boat, with a Hull Identification Number starting with “WSI,” we may be able to tell you who bought it originally.
  • An inflatable depends on a “skin” to hold the air. Closely examine the material; you don’t want to see cracks, checking or badly faded areas; this is a sign of age and sun damage. You want it to be smooth and supple.
  • Make sure the boat is holding air. With the owner’s permission, use a spray bottle with soapy water to go over the chambers looking for leaks.
  • Look at any patches to see if they’re solid and have rounded edges. A loose patch or two isn’t a deal killer, but it will require some maintenance work on your part.
  • Check on D-ring patches, seam tape and handles. Worn, lose and missing items can be a sign of hard use.
  • There’ll be valves for inflating and deflating the chambers. We carry high quality and common valves. Be aware that there are lots of other valves out there and finding repair parts and valve adapters for them can be difficult.
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