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We’re on a mission to break down barriers to the outdoors

We are committed to cultivating common ground among diverse communities and making outdoor recreation welcoming and accessible to all.

The Just Add Water Project holds at its core the belief that representation matters. It matters because we need and deserve to see a wider spectrum of ability and identity in the outdoors. Not just for the “epic” far away trips but also for the adventures that are close to home. Lack of representation is a symptom of the deep roots of injustice. We have the opportunity to take a step toward creating the culture we want to see for future generations.

Will you join us?

The opportunity to work with NRS, American Rivers, Orvis and Under Solen Media to share our beliefs, highlight BIPOC voices, celebrate rivers, engage with and support non-profits actively engaged in increasing diverse representation is an exciting undertaking. We believe in the power of this work. However, the #JustAddWater tour is not a response to the times.”

—Faith Briggs & Adam Edwards, your Just Add Water Guides

As a community, we will continue to step up and be stronger. The Just Add Water Project is its own conversation—one we aim to continue beyond this summer with your help. To start, we’re coming together to celebrate the experiences that make our hearts beat faster and fuller, sparking a dialogue to move our world forward—and have a bit of virtual fun, including exciting giveaways, while we’re at it. Join us.

Just Add Water Itinerary

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image of Faith Briggs and Adam Edwards
Cam McLeod

Faith E. Briggs is a documentary film producer and outdoor enthusiast with a focus on diversity and representation. Adam Edwards is an avid kayaker, former river guide and all-around outdoorsman with a penchant for snacks and compulsive reading. Together, Faith and Adam will serve as our guides with the goal to bridge the gap and start a dialogue around inclusion in the outdoors. They will invite people to try new things in a fun and safe environment while also starting conversations and listening to stories, aspirations, apprehension and remembrances around time spent in the great outdoors.

Who we are

We believe now, more than ever, that fresh air, clean water and healthful outdoor activity are key to recovering our spirit and creating a brighter future for all. We know that the best way to protect our precious public lands and waters is to connect people to positive outdoor experiences. Access to the outdoors is and will continue to be vital for all of us as we begin to heal our families, our neighbors and our country.

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Thank you for all that you do to break down barriers to the outdoors. Please continue to share your stories with us and invite your friends to join the conversation by tagging #JustAddWater on social media.

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