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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Adventure
Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Adventure

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Ode to the Paco Pad

Ode to the Paco Pad » Name one piece of river gear that doubles as a couch, yoga mat, slip-n-slide, foam roller, lily pad… (Hint: We s’pose you can sleep on it, too.)

River Warriors: Anup Gurung

River Warriors: Anup Gurung » Anup Gurung splits his time between Iceland and exploring and defending Nepal Rivers. As a kayaker and river warrior, he has an important message to share.

Debating a First Descent on the Oldman River

Debating a First Descent on the Oldman River » Most expedition kayakers share a common desire to explore unchartered terrain and claim a first descent. But do paddlers really deserve the credit?

Gentlemen in the Wilderness

Gentlemen in the Wilderness » In light of the negativitity women have experienced in the outdoors, Whitney reflects on the positive ways men can encourage and promote outdoors(wo)men.

Sea Kayaking Fjords and Battling Your Carbon Footprint

Sea Kayaking Fjords and Battling Your Carbon Footprint » Kayaking amidst towering icebergs on Sermilik Fjord, Cassidy contemplates the balance between adventure travel and our carbon footprints.

Mom’s Day Out: WestwaTaTas

Mom’s Day Out: WestwaTaTas » WestwaTaTas: an annual Westwater Canyon overnighter for a group of lady boaters desperate to eddy out from their daily routines and press the reset button.

Birth of the Austervefsna

Birth of the Austervefsna » Owning and operating the first rafting outfitter on the Austervefsna River, Mariann and Ron are bringing whitewater culture to a remote Norwegian town.

Paddling Pakistan: Peace and Rapids in the Land of Giants

Paddling Pakistan: Peace and Rapids in the Land of Giants » Despite the media’s war-torn portrayal, on Galen’s first trip to Pakistan he found villages of peaceful people and burly whitewater in the Rondu Gorge.

Seafaring Superstitions for the River Runner

Seafaring Superstitions for the River Runner » A list of widely held but unjustified beliefs in supernatural carnage as a direct result of ignoring or failing to abide by rafting superstitions.

About NRS: Northwest River Supplies

In 1972, with only $2,000 in his personal savings, Bill Parks started Northwest River Supplies with one mission: to help others raft. 42 years later, Bill sold NRS to its employees. Today, the 100% employee-owned business strives to continue Bill’s legacy helping people pursue passions on the water. At our Moscow, Idaho headquarters you’ll find passionate water-lovers just like you, from rafters to whitewater kayakers, sea kayakers to stand up paddlers, kayak anglers to fly fishermen. Our lives, and livelihoods, are drawn to water.

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Consumer Information

It’s come to our attention that possibly one or more production runs of the bilge pump may have been assembled without properly setting the adhesive for the gasket head into the piston. For the pumps with this defect, the pump quickly and easily fails, rendering the pump useless. Our research shows these pumps are limited to lot# 201804 (this number is located under the yellow foam float on the pump body).

To see if you have a defective pump, aggressively work the piston a dozen or so times. If the pump holds intact, you do not have a faulty pump. If your pump gasket releases, you’ll immediately notice it. The piston will slide free and the pump will not function as designed. Please contact NRS and we will replace the pump at once.