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Driven by our mission to empower adventure sports athletes to safely pursue their passions, we’ve combined years of research and development to deliver a fully-featured line of whitewater helmets. With the interconnect retention system, anti-rotation o-brace harness and a plush, breathable inner liner, you won’t find a burlier helmet this comfortable. Shop All WRSI Helmets »

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Wild & Scenic Rivers 107

Wild & Scenic Rivers 107 » July’s wild and scenic rivers highlight the rich diversity of history, landscapes, wildlife and rec opportunities that the National Forest System protects.

Keeping Your River Ranger Happy

Keeping Your River Ranger Happy » Take it from a lifelong river runner-turned-guide-turned-river ranger: the best way to keep your river ranger happy is to be prepared and respect the river.

Tripping with Mr. Field

Tripping with Mr. Field » Darin shared his Ocala, Florida backyard with Robert Field for a week and gave us a behind-the-scenes look into this kayak-angling YouTube-superstar’s life.

When a Raft Guide Goes Fly Fishing

When a Raft Guide Goes Fly Fishing » Learning to fly fish isn’t just about the number of fish hooked and flies lost, but about experiencing a well-loved landscape in a different light.

Too Old to Raft

Too Old to Raft » Eric pulls a last-minute Gates of Lodore permit and lets his 69-year-old dad row a cat for the first time, begging the question: when are we too old to raft?

Guide School: Using Your Crew

Guide School: Using Your Crew » For a guide in a paddle raft, being able to effectively use your crew is as important as your ability to read the river and execute paddle and oar strokes.

Talk Like an International Paddler

Talk Like an International Paddler » Heading abroad on a whitewater adventure? A few of our international paddlers share examples of common paddling phrases and words in their native languages.

Guide School: Using Your Oars

Guide School: Using Your Oars » To better understand how to use oars, guides must first learn how oars move the raft and then focus on the fundamental strokes for efficiency on the water.

The Long Stretch

The Long Stretch » Following in the paddle strokes of legends, three Idaho kayakers push off into the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Their goal: to paddle to the Snake River—300 miles—in one go.

About NRS: Northwest River Supplies

In 1972, with only $2,000 in his personal savings, Bill Parks started Northwest River Supplies with one mission: to help others raft. 42 years later, Bill sold NRS to its employees. Today, the 100% employee-owned business strives to continue Bill’s legacy helping people pursue passions on the water. At our Moscow, Idaho headquarters you’ll find passionate water-lovers just like you, from rafters to whitewater kayakers, sea kayakers to stand up paddlers, kayak anglers to fly fishermen. Our lives, and livelihoods, are drawn to water.

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Consumer Information

Important Public Notice: We have discovered that a limited number of Zen Rescue Life Jackets were manufactured with an incorrectly threaded top side adjustment strap, which prevents a tight, secure fit. Please read this important notice to determine if your jacket needs to be returned. Contact NRS Customer Service at 800.635.5202 or at service@nrs.com for help returning your Zen Rescue Life Jacket.

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