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Northwest River Supplies

Repairs Department

Hassle-Free Returns at NRS

The NRS Repair Department can repair most gaskets and pumps.

  1. Print out and complete the NRS Repairs Form.
  2. Send the package and form via UPS or insure with US Postal Service to:

    NRS Repairs
    1638 South Blaine Street
    Moscow, ID 83843

  3. NRS will contact you the day we receive your item to inform you of the price and collect payment information.

Latex Drysuit Gaskets and Socks:
Gasket repair kits and an instruction video are available if you’re feeling adventurous.

If you would like NRS to repair your gaskets, here is our current pricing:

Neck: $69.95
Wrist: $39.95 each
Ankle: $39.95 each
Drysock: $49.95 each
Drysuit (all): $225.00
Drytop (all): $136.00

Visit our website for information on how to maintain and repair NRS Barrel Pumps. Replacement parts for pumps are available on our website.

For additional pump needs or questions call 877.677.4327 or email

Boats & SUP’s:
Visit the state and region specific list of NRS suggested boat repair facilities. You can also call 877.677.4327 or email for additional information.

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