Agency Dry Suit Intake Form

Please use this form if you’re sending multiple dry suits in for repair. For small-quantity repairs, please pre-purchase the desired gasket and service via our retail repairs page. All returned suits must be clean and dry before shipping.

Unfortunately, some of the gaskets (neck / wrist) needed for these services may be backordered until mid-September. You can still place your order and send in your dry wear, but you’ll be without the apparel until such time as we have supplies to perform the repairs.

If you’re sending a suit back for warranty evaluation, please refer to our Hassle-Free Returns page for instructions.

All dry suits returned to NRS will go through a visual inspection that will evaluate each gasket and the overall condition of the suit. However, this inspection is not a leak test. A leak test can be performed for an additional charge.

Customer Info

  1. Important: Please be sure to include valid Contact Person information (full name, email address, and phone number) for an individual who is responsible for the dry wear; all agency repairs must have confirmation with this individual before work can begin.

  2. Is your agency tax exempt? (required)

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