Agency Dry Suit Intake Form

Please use this form if you’re sending multiple dry suits in for repair. For small-quantity repairs, please pre-purchase the desired gasket and service via our retail repairs page. All returned suits must be clean and dry before shipping.

If you’re sending a suit back for warranty evaluation, please refer to our Hassle-Free Returns page for instructions.

All dry suits returned to NRS will go through a visual inspection that will evaluate each gasket and the overall condition of the suit. However, this inspection is not a leak test. A leak test can be performed for an additional charge.

Customer Info

  1. Important: Please be sure to include valid Contact Person information (full name, email address, and phone number) for an individual who is responsible for the dry wear; all agency repairs must have confirmation with this individual before work can begin.

  2. Is your agency tax exempt? (required)

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