DUFFELS & DRY BAGS: Tactical blade design, quick-release sheath.

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Duffels & Dry Bags

Organize and store your response essentials with NRS Rescue Duffels and Dry Bags. Featuring hook-and-loop patches, the Rescue Duffel is perfect for your crew’s PPE, while the durable Expedition DriDuffel guarantees dry protection for essential gear.

Best Sellers

Discover the best-selling rescue gear and apparel that NRS has to offer. You’ll find everything you and your crew need to stay safe on the water.

About NRS Rescue

About NRS Rescue

At NRS, we know that effective rescue requires working together. We approach everything from product development to fulfilling your order as though we are part of your team.

We supply rugged, dependable, technical equipment and apparel that helps keep you safe and efficient, and we work hard to provide the industry’s best service and support.