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Finding Swiftwater Rescue Classes

ArticleJune 06, 2013

Let’s face it, messing about in boats on fast-flowing rivers and streams can be dangerous. When things do go wrong, only boaters with swiftwater rescue training can effectively help themselves and others. Getting that training not only prepares you for emergencies, it also builds confidence and helps you relax on the river, knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Finding Swiftwater Rescue Classes ©Jenni ChaffinThere are many sources for swiftwater training. Here are a few places for you to start your search for the class that best suits your needs:

  • The American Canoe Association (ACA) offers classes from basic to advanced skills.
  • Rescue 3 International has a wide range of courses for both recreational boaters and rescue professionals.
  • In addition to swiftwater rescue training, the Swiftwater Safety Institute offers wilderness medicine courses and specialized training for packrafters and safety kayakers.
  • Sierra Rescue offers swiftwater rescue, wilderness first aid, rope rescue and animal rescue courses for both recreational and professional clients.
  • Rescue Canada gives classes that cover a wide range of recreational and industrial needs.
  • Raven Rescue offers rescue and advanced first aid training for recreational and professional clients in Canada and around the world. They also stock a wide range of rescue equipment.

Other sources to find training include your local NRS dealer, boating club, and fire department or water rescue team.

And while they’re not a substitute for actual hands-on-training, the Rescue for River Runners video series on our Duct Tape Diaries blog gives you a glimpse into what a swiftwater rescue training course will teach you.

Get training, be prepared, and boat safe!