Chums x NRS x Redside Foundation

Chums x NRS x Redside Foundation
Chums x NRS x Redside Foundation Collection Lifestyle


Guides educate. Guides inspire. Guides lead. Guides support. But sometimes guides need support too. Featuring original artwork by Idaho guides Heidi Messner and Hannah Spencer, sales of this limited edition range of custom NRS and Chums products benefit the Redside Foundation, supporting the health and strength of the guiding community in Idaho and Montana.

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About Redside Foundation

The Redside Foundation supports the health and strength of the professional outdoor guiding community in Idaho and Montana with a 24/7 confidential helpline, counseling, professional development grants, scholarships, an annual health fair, resiliency training, and community building.

About Chums

Founded on the Colorado River in 1983, Chums is about the guides, dirtbags, river rats, and weekend warriors. A family-run business committed to US-based manufacturing and world-class customer service, Chums produces innovative outdoor products built for adventure.

Meet the Artists

Hannah Spencer Headshot

“When we support each other by creating healthy relationships and mindsets, we help build healthier foundations for ourselves and for the community we live in. Chums, NRS and Redside Foundation are doing just that. These organizations are holding our heads, hearts and hands for a brighter world.”
—Hannah Spencer

Heidi Messner Headshot

“As guides, we are exposed to mental and physical challenges on a daily and yearly basis. I am both proud and honored to be a part of creating mental illness awareness and want to show support for our loved ones in this community.”
—Heidi Messner

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