NRS Neutron Packraft

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Product Details

10% Off All Accessories! When you’re looking to tackle just about anything nature throws at you with one watercraft, the Neutron Packraft’s thigh braces, detachable backband, self-bailing floor and waterproof internal storage let you cruise the calm and charge more advanced whitewater.
  • Highly durable PVC-free nylon has an internal and external TPU coating, increasing air retention in case of abrasion.
  • TPU-coated nylon is easily repairable, extending product life.
  • Overlapping, heat-welded seams are further sealed with interior taping, to create an incredibly strong mechanical bond for fail-proof air retention.
  • The full-length inflatable floor design increases buoyancy and stability.
  • TIZIP® stern closure creates fully waterproof, easy-to-access storage and decreases inflation time.
  • Self-bailing floor continually releases water, increasing maneuverability in splashier waters.
  • Inflatable seat and detachable backband deliver a comfortable and effective paddling position, while thigh braces add edge-to-edge control in moving waters.
  • Tubes feature two internal, welded, self-fabric lash tabs for securing gear and maintaining optimal balance on multi-day trips.
  • Eight ultralight 1” nylon loops provide options to attach gear; four in the bow, two integrated into the side tube backband attachment points, and two integrated into the stern backband attachment points.
  • Thigh braces attach to the four 1” welded steel d-rings.
  • The Neutron's included thigh braces are minimalist by design. Paddlers wanting a more advanced option should upgrade to the Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps (Item #: 50099.01).
  • For heavier paddlers or more gear capacity on extended missions, try the Neutron XL.
  • Includes packraft, inflation bag and repair kit.
  • Three-year retail warranty; one-year retail warranty for TIZIP closure.
NOTE: Long exposure to sun and high temperatures can increase air pressure in packraft seats, leading to overinflation. Overinflation can damage seams or worse, pop the seat. We suggest bleeding off air pressure or fully deflating in these conditions.


  • Standard: 90"
  • XL: 96"
  • Standard: 39"
  • XL: 39.5"
Weight (Raft only):
  • Standard: 11 lbs (176 oz)
  • XL: 11.4 lbs (182 oz)
Weight (Raft + Seat):
  • Standard: 11.8 lbs (189 oz)
  • XL: 12.2 lbs (202 oz)
Series: Packraft
Load Capacity: Standard: 375 lbs.
XL: 400 lbs.
Tube Diameter: Standard: 12"
XL: 12"
Number of Air Chambers: 1
Valve Type: Bravo
Self Bailing: Yes
Repair Kit: Yes
Warranty: 3 Years Retail
Tube Material: 420D nylon, dual TPU coated (PVC free)
Floor Material: 840D nylon, dual TPU coated (PVC free)
Seat Insert Material: 150D Polyester, TPU coated (PVC free)
  • Repair kit
  • Inflation bag
  • Internally taped, RF-welded Seams
  • Waterproof storage compartment with TIZIP SuperSeal closure
  • Easily repairable for increased product life; repair kit included