Restop 2 Disposable Bags

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The Restop® 2 uses a patented "bag within a bag" design to safely contain and neutralize human waste and the odor that goes with it. Dispose of it in any trash container.
  • The outer bag is a Mylar gas-impervious bag sealing in odor and containing the inner waste bag.
  • The Restop 2 system contains the odor as well as the waste, using super absorbent polymers and enzymes that break down the waste and turn it into a safe, deodorized gel.
  • The inner waste collection bag has a 48" circumference and a 22" depth.
  • This system provides you with a user-friendly and pleasant means to pack out solid waste.
  • Ample toilet paper and a moist antiseptic towlette are included.
  • How is it used? The Restop 2 is designed to be used with any commode system or can be used directly on the ground in wilderness situations.
  • The Restop bags also work with the Cleanwaste Portable Toilet System.
  • To use with a commode system, simply insert the Restop 2 into the commode bucket and fold the inner bag over the foam toilet seat (bucket and seat sold separately).
  • When done, the inner bag folds into the lower triple layer barrier bag which then zip locks closed for complete containment. Now the waste is safe for disposal in any trash container.
  • One waste bag can usually hold 3-4 person's waste.
Many boating areas now require you to carry out human waste. Even for those that don't, the removal of waste products protects the environment. Always check ahead with the area management agency to find out what they require for carry out systems.

Always pack out used bags in a rigid, waterproof container.


Dimensions: Store shelf pack - 9.5" x 7.5" x 1" The inner waste collection bag has a 48" circumference and a 22" depth
Weight: 2.6 oz each
  • 3-4 uses per bag
  • Disposable in regular trash
  • Environmentally friendly