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Cleanwaste Poo Repair Deodorizer Spray


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  • Cleanwaste Poo Repair Deodorizer Spray

Product Details

Let Cleanwaste Poo Repair Deodorizer Spray kill that awful groover smell. This long-lasting treatment doesn't just mask odors, it eliminates them. Handy pump-action spray bottle is also great to have around the house for pet accidents and other noxious odors.
  • Poo Repair is people and pet friendly. It's environmentally safe, non-toxic, odorless and USDA approved.
  • Eliminates any odor almost instantly. Just spray directly on the source.
  • It's perfect for the nursery, diaper pail, pet accidents, and embedded urine odors.
  • The 10-ounce size gives you lots of sprays.

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  • 10 oz. non-aerosol, pump-action spray
  • Eliminates odor from human and animal waste

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