Cataraft Rowing Frame Features

ArticleJune 01, 2011

NRS Cataraft Frames of today are the result of a dynamic evolution that started in 1972. Experimental research, thousands of river hours and heeding valuable advice from customers has been the key to our success. NRS, as well as other frame manufacturers, has utilized materials such as wood, conduit, PVC pipe and steel tubing, all in the quest for building a frame that is strong, lightweight and performance-ready. Our discovery: top-grade, aluminum-alloy pipe, exclusive heavy duty LoPro™ cast aluminum fittings, custom made stainless steel U-bolts, combined with superior design has produced the world’s leading, fully adjustable and customizable frames.

All NRS Frames Are Modular

NRS Cataraft Frames assemble easily and quickly, forming a solid and stable platform. Breaking down a frame for transport and/or retrofitting a gear frame into a sport-rowing frame are only possible because of the NRS modular design. Whether you are loading up a bush plane for an outback adventure, or storing your frame in an apartment closet, the sleek and simple design will accommodate just about any need. These strong and durable frames are made to be maintenance free, rust free and good for a lifetime of boating.

Why Are NRS Frames the Best?

WarrantyNRS has exactly what you need, and want in a frame. Multiple sizes to fit any raft, complete adjustability to adapt any size and type of rower, fully customizable to be the frame you need it to be, in the environment you need it for and because of NRS quality assurance, a fully-backed lifetime warranty. Premium frames at value pricing, supported by legendary customer service.

NRS Cataraft Frame