K-Pump Valve Fit Adapter

ArticleMay 23, 2011

K-Pump is a family-owned company located in Oregon. They make a line of hand pumps and pressure gauges that have gained wide acceptance from private and professional boaters worldwide. The pumps have become a standard for private and professional rafters and anglers in the US and around the world. They are rugged, easy to use and have no hose to kink or pull out. The pumps come with several adapters, allowing you to use them with just about every valve imaginable.

Leafeild/Military Valve adapter
The Leafield/Military valve adapter

Dan Lingo, NRS Northwest Wholesale Account Rep, recently came up with another valve adapter for K-Pumps that further increases their adaptability and ease of operation. Valves located on the inner surface of boat tubes and on thwarts can require you to switch to an angle adapter, which K-Pump provides, in order to connect to them.

Dan’s discovery was that the Leafield/Military Valve adapter fits on the tip of the K-Pumps. The stiff, yet flexible, end of this adapter lets you angle the pump so you can connect to these hard-to-reach valves, as well as provide a good, solid fit in the easily accessible valves.

how the adapter easily connects to one of the  hard-to-reach valves
Justin, a member of the Frameshop crew, showing how the adapter easily connects to one of the hard-to-reach valves. ©Clyde Nicely

This adapter was designed to fit Leafield Valves (used on NRS and many other quality inflatables) and the Military Valve (outdated but still found on many older boats). It also fits pretty snuggly in the Halkey-Roberts New Short Valve and Summit 2 Valve.

Add one of these inexpensive adapters to your K-Pump for even greater enjoyment of this excellent pump!

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