NRS Expedition DriDuffel Dry Bag

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    Flint 35L

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    Flint 70L

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    Flint 70L

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    Flint 105L

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    Flint 105L

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    Blue 105L

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    Blue 105L

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Product Details

The NRS Expedition DriDuffel is designed with the same rugged durability as the High Roll Duffel, with the added benefit of a waterproof zipper closure. The duffel-style design makes packing your gear, and finding it later, easy.
  • The duffel-style bag closes with the waterproof TIZIP® MasterSeal zipper, giving your gear the ultimate protection against water, no matter the conditions.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty TobaTex, the Expedition DriDuffel can handle the roughest terrain and the hardiest adventurer.
  • Webbing chains offer ample attachment points to secure other items to the bag.
  • Zip the duffel and hook the aluminum fasteners through the webbing loop to cinch down the bag for a more secure closure.
  • Please note: the sizing displayed on the products and packaging is incorrect. The volume of these duffels, in terms of liters, is accurately displayed in the Specs section of this webpage.

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Filled & Zipped Dimensions:
  • 48L: 14" Dia x 19"L (Labeled as 35L)
  • 109L: 16" Dia x 33"L (Labeled as 70L)
  • 190L: 19" Dia x 41"L (Labeled as 105L)
  • 48L: 3.00 lbs (Labeled as 35L)
  • 109L: 4.25 lbs (Labeled as 70L)
  • 190L: 5.2 lbs (Labeled as 105L)
Material: 21 oz. TobaTex
Closure System: TIZIP® zipper
  • Durable aluminum fasteners
  • Webbing chain attachment points