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Camp Without Coolers Vegetarian Cookbooks


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Product Details

Camp Without Coolers Vegetarian Cookbooks are a great resource for boaters tired of rigging coolers and stressing about ice but prefer to eat well and eat fresh on the river. This three-book series can be separated for 6-day trips or combined to feed a group for 18 days.
  • Having eaten a plant-based diet most of her life and kicking the cooler habit decades ago, Lacey Anderson pulled together a collection of her personal recipes for a three-book vegetarian series.
  • Each Cookbook includes a 6-day menu overview, notes on ingredients, and recipes in order from breakfast, lunch, happy hour drinks, appetizers, dinner entrees, dinner sides and desserts.
  • Combine all three cookbooks in the series for an extended 18-day trip, or pick and choose your favorite recipes to create a unique menu to fit your trip needs.
  • Camp Without Coolers Vegetarian: Fresh and Healthy is for the cook that wants to eat fresh produce each day. Featuring over 35 recipes that tend to take longer and due to the fresh ingredients, the overall weight of the food is heavier.
  • Camp Without Coolers Vegetarian: Quick and Easy is for the cook who wants to spend less time in the kitchen. Featuring over 40 recipes that are simple, take less than 30 minutes and contain a mix of fresh and pre-packaged/canned ingredients.
  • Camp Without Coolers Vegetarian: The Nomad is for the cook who'd rather be rafting, kayaking, hiking, fishing or relaxing in a hammock. Recipes contain more freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients creating a quick, lightweight experience.
  • When combining all three cookbooks, plan to prepare all meals from the Fresh and Healthy first, then Quick and Easy, leaving The Nomad menus for those final days.
Author: Lacey Anderson
Illustrator: Dianne Pabst
Copyright: 2019


Weight: 4 oz
Subject Matter: Camp Cooking
Author: Lacey Anderson
Copyright: 2019
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"