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Clyde's Grand Canyon Blog: Community Gear List

This is a list of gear and disposable items for a 2006 Grand Canyon trips that included several NRS folks. We've included it in the Library as an example of the kind of depth you need to go to in planning for any multiday trip. There's also a suggested Personal Gear List from the same trip. And you can read a blog written from the river.


  • Pumps – electric and manual – 3 LVMs – Dave & Al, everyone bring hand pumps
  • Repair kits – each boat to have own kit. Bring plenty of glue and material. Check glue to make sure it’s not out of date
  • First aid kits – Major – Al & Dave. Each boat should have basic first aid kit, moleskin (New Skin) is a good thing to have in it. Each person should bring their own over-the-counter pain meds, sunscreen, sunburn ointment, Visine etc.
  • Tools – need the basics – pliers, screw drivers, adjustable wrenches, files, ratchet & ½” socket for NRS LoPros, etc
  • Spare parts – valves, pins, oarlocks, etc – each boat should have spares of things that will disable the boat if lost or broken. Reminder – they require four oars for each raft/cat and a spare paddle for each kayak.


  • Sun/rain shelter – River Wings – Alan & Clyde
  • Tables – one Campsite Counter, Roll-A-Tables – Al, Dave (2), Clyde
  • Tablecloths – table owner’s choice
  • Coleman Ovens – Elton, Dave
  • Propane stoves – Dave, Clyde, Al – bring spare O-rings and gaskets. Check to make sure hoses are the right ones to hook to “tree”
  • Propane tanks – 20 lb – Elton & Clyde. Bring smaller ones for backup – Clyde, Dave & Al have 5 lb ones
  • Matches, lighters – Clyde, Dave
  • Washable plates – Clyde, Dave
  • Tableware – knives, forks, spoons - Clyde
  • Cookware – pots, pans, skillets, griddles – size/capacity – bring what you have to next meeting and we’ll decide
  • Cooking utensils – spoons, spatulas, can openers, etc – bring what you have to next meeting and we’ll decide
  • Coffee pots – Clyde, Dave, Al
  • Coffee cups – each person bring own. A few spares?
  • Dutch ovens – number and size – Dave & Clyde both have a 10” & 12” aluminum DO and Dave has a 14”.
  • Dishwashing gear – soap, bleach, scrubbies, various sizes gloves – buy community
  • Dishwashing buckets – either bail buckets or Big Basins
  • Hand washing stations - Dave
  • Toilets – 14 – 21 uses per day x 18 = 252 – 378 uses for upper
    11 – 15 uses per day x 5 = 55 – 75 uses for lower
    We have four “60-use” River Bank toilets, which would give 240 uses (I think these capacities are conservative). Clyde will see about getting at least one of the new Eco-Safe units, which are 50-use.
  • Toilet screening - Dave
  • Sun showers – Clyde, Dave (2), Al
  • Sun shower screening - Dave
  • Firepan – barbeque grill – Alan
  • Charcoal lighting chimney – Dave thinks Clyde has stolen his, Clyde will look
  • Water containers – 10 gallons/boat
  • Water filters – Clyde will get a Base Camp Filter. Anyone who has a backpacking model should bring it
  • Lanterns – Al, Alan & Dave
  • Camp chairs – everyone bring own, the ones that “accordion” up are the most compact. Clyde has several extras, if you don’t have one let him know

Community Consumables

  • Toilet paper – depends on size of rolls, one-a-day (24) should be enough
  • Paper towels – 12 rolls
  • Hand soap – a couple of the larger hand pump types
  • Dish soap - quart
  • Bleach – two quarts
  • Hand sanitizer - two
  • Aluminum foil – heavy duty, large roll
  • Ziplock bags – freezer bags – 2-gal will hold toilet paper and paper towels, some gallon and quart size for leftovers
  • Garbage bags – couple dozen heavy duty, 30-gal size
  • Some paper plates, bowls – for breakfast, to cut down on washing
  • Charcoal – to be determined after we put together meal plan
  • Coffee - Liz
  • Cocoa – Liz will bring some, folks that drink a lot of this should bring extra
  • Tea – same as cocoa
  • Toilet deodorizer – Clyde can get some super-duper stuff from NRS, or we can go w/ some other type
  • Any community meals – put in day breakfast (bagels, cream cheese, muffins, fruit, juice). First river night (deli fried chicken and salads). Steak night (Cody to get steaks through work – we’ll have one of the groups handle the sides)