Inflatable Boat Cleaner

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Product Details

To keep your raft, cataraft, inflatable kayak and SUP board looking new, use Inflatable Boat Cleaner. Easily removes ugly dirt, stains and frame marks.
  • Safe for Pennel Orca®, Hypalon®, PVC and urethane boat materials.
  • It's easy to use; simply wet the surface with water and spray on Boat Cleaner. Let it set for a minute or two, then scrub off the dirt, oxidation, grunge, frame marks, etc that have accumulated.
  • After cleaning, rinse with water. Then apply 303 Protectant, Item # 38751.01, to help repel future staining and to give great protection from harmful UV rays.


  • Cleaners & Protectants
  • For use on Hypalon, Urethane and PVC boats
  • Dissolves dirt, white oxidation, diesel smudges, oil, stains and frame marks

Product Instructions

Work in a well ventilated area (e.g.: a garage or shady area).

  1. Wet surface with water before cleaning.
  2. Spray inflatable boat cleaner on inflatable and allow it to sit for up one minute. Note: Do not let stand on painted or varnished surfaces.
  3. Scrub the inflatable with a brush, sponge, or cloth.
  4. Rinse with water.

Recommended Materials

  • Inflatable Boat Cleaner
  • Scrub Brush, Sponge or Dry Cloth
  • Latex Gloves

Year round use of 303 Protectant is recommended between uses and when storing your inflatable.