How to Adjust a WRSI Helmet

VideoSeptember 21, 2018

WRSI helmets are equipped with advanced safety technologies to help protect you from head injuries when whitewater kayaking, rafting, canoeing or stand up paddling. The O-Brace Harness and Interconnect Retention System work together to safely secure the helmet to your head. Proper adjustment is essential for your comfort and safety while paddling. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure your WRSI Current, Current Pro, Trident or Moment Fullface helmet is adjusted for optimal comfort and performance on the water.

The O-Brace is the part of the helmet outfitting that rests against the back of your head. It needs to wrap around and rest below the curve at the base of your skull. The proper adjustment of the O-Brace is essential for preventing the helmet from rocking back and exposing your forehead to injury.

If the O-Brace needs adjusting, remove the liner by gently unsnapping the four connection points. To remove the O-Brace, slide two fingers behind the plastic harness. Pry the harness away from the subshell; some force is required. Don’t worry about breaking it; the engineered plastic is very stout. Reposition the O-Brace as necessary; slide the upper tabs into place and use your thumb to pop the lower tabs in. Replace the liner and try the helmet on for fit.

Now adjust the webbing on the Interconnect Retention System. The Y-connector should fit comfortably, just below your ears. Adjust it up or down for comfort. Now, with the helmet level on your head, check the tension of the two straps leading into the Y-connectors. The two straps should have equal tension with no slack.

Adjust the chin strap so it’s well back against your throat, not out on your chin. The chin strap should be snug, but comfortable, with just enough room to slide two fingers underneath.

Finally, do a helmet safety check. Push up on the visor of the helmet. The Interconnect Retention System should pull the O-Brace in tight against your head to prevent the helmet from rocking up.

You are now ready to hit the water with safe protection for your head!