How To Customize Your NRS Fishing Frame

VideoFebruary 20, 2018

Watch this video to learn how to customize and adjust the adaptable NRS Frame System. Former professional fishing guide Jim MacAllister, now an NRS Wholesale Rep, shares his experience, tips and tricks to help you get the most from your setup.

This video features Jim and his 14' NRS raft with customized Fishing Frame. Jim was a professional fishing guide in Alaska and Montana for many years before joining NRS. His setup demonstrates how adjustable and adaptable the NRS Frame System is.

Note: We now use forged LoPro Fittings and Oar Mounts, and different swivel seats than shown. To discuss adaptations to your fishing frame call at 800.635.5202. We love to talk boats and boating!

Jim explains how he can modify the basic Fishing Frame to accomplish just what he wants at any particular time. The frame, as set up in the video, has added bays for a dry box and a cooler. In times when he doesn’t need the dry box and cooler, it’s easy to remove the cross bars that support them.

Another modification he shows is putting two upright support bars on the Thigh Hook. This increases the thigh hook’s stability when used as a grab point for climbing into the raft. And he explains how easy it is to adjust the frame so that both he and his wife, who’s considerably smaller than him, can row the boat.

Jim shows other items that can be added to your fishing frame, like casting platforms, the stern seat mount, side rail racks and the anchor system. Unlike welded frames, the NRS frame can grow with you and change as your needs change. The LoPro Frame Fitting is the key to the versatility of the system, attaching or removing frame pieces easily with its stainless steel U-bolt.