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How to Fit an Adjustable Bungee Sprayskirt

VideoMay 02, 2013

The adjustable bungee sprayskirt can be a great choice for kayakers paddling touring and recreational kayaks. While not as dry as a neoprene-deck sprayskirt, they tend to be less expensive and can fit a range of cockpit sizes. When buying an adjustable bungee skirt, measure the maximum length and width of the cockpit, out to the edge of the coaming (rim). Look at the Sizing charts to find a skirt that falls within those length and width measurements.

This video gives tips on how to snugly fit an adjustable bungee sprayskirt, while still allowing the skirt to be removed safely in a wet exit. Fitting the skirt is easy when you follow these steps. Lay the skirt over the cockpit. Starting at the front edge tuck the bungee underneath the cockpit coaming. Pull on the bungee until you get the desired amount of tension. Take the skirt off the cockpit while still holding onto the bungee cord. Now tie a knot where your hand is.

Now’s a good time to put the skirt on, get into the kayak and refit the skirt around the coaming. Check the bungee tension by pulling on the grab loop. If the skirt comes loose too easily you’ll want to shorten the bungee. If it’s too hard to remove this could impend getting out of the cockpit in a wet exit and you’ll want to loosen the bungee.

Features to look for in an adjustable bungee skirt include breathable or non-breathable material. Breathability can increase comfort on warm days. An implosion bar on the front of the deck stiffens that area and prevents water from pooling. A grippy coating on the edge of the skirt helps hold it securely on the coaming. Suspenders and grippy material at the top of the tunnel help keep it up and secure. Pockets on the tunnel are handy for stowing small items you want close at hand.