How to Stretch a Latex Neck Gasket

VideoJanuary 26, 2012

Dry wear is the most efficient and versatile apparel for extending your boating season into the colder weather and water months. These pieces of life-saving gear can feel a little restricting, for some people, especially when the gasket is new.

A neck gasket that fits snugly enough to keep water from leaking in can be very uncomfortable, especially if wearing a drytop or drysuit is something new for you. Often, if you just persevere and put up with that choking sensation for a while, you’ll get used to it, or the gasket will stretch on its own. Don’t go with a first impression; wear the garment for a while to determine if you really do have a problem. However, if you’re turning blue and wanting to send the damn thing back, it’s time to take action.

In this video, Nick Newlan, NRS Wholesale, goes over the how-to of fixing the problem of a too-tight gasket.

First find the circumference of your neck, using a cloth measuring tape or a string. Use that measurement to find a cylindrical object, like a cooking pot, coffee can or vase, that’s a little larger than your neck. Be sure the object chosen doesn’t have any sharp or rough edges that can damage the gasket.

Peel the protective overcuff away from the gasket. Slide the chosen object into the gasket and let it stay in there overnight. Try the garment on again to see if it’s comfortable.

If it’s still too tight, repeat the process with the same form. If it’s still too tight you can pick a slightly larger form and let that sit overnight.

We do not recommend trimming the neck gasket, as a mistake will cause it to tear. If you feel you must trim, carefully cut between the concentric rings with sharp scissors. Cut only one ring at a time and wear the garment awhile after doing so to be sure that’s enough. A vertical nick will certainly lead to a tear.