How to Set Up a River Wing

VideoSeptember 20, 2018

An NRS River Wing is a high-quality tarp, or rainfly, specially designed to provide shade and protect you from rain when camping in the outdoors. Setting up the Wing is easy once you know the proper techniques. In this video, we demonstrate how to securely set up the River Wing using the included break-down poles, as well as by substituting oars for the poles.

The poles come in four 2' sections and four 3' sections, allowing you adjust pole height up to 10'. The brightly colored tiedown cords also have a reflective ticking woven in for nighttime visibility.

While it’s possible to set the Wing up by yourself, it’s much easier with two or more. In the video we demonstrate it with two people. Start out by laying the canopy out flat, with the long axis in line with the prevailing wind. The tiedown cords are tucked in the handy storage pouches at the canopy corners. Stake the cords out 8'–10'.

Assemble the poles and tuck the ends in the grommets on the ends of the canopy. Raise the poles and tilt the pole base in at a slight angle toward the inside of the Wing. Tighten the end cords with the integrated metal tensioners. Then, tighten the other four cords to fully secure the Wing. Adjusting the height of the up-wind end of the Wing a bit lower than the down-wind end will help prevent uplift in a strong wind.

For rafters, it’s really handy to use oars for the end poles. You can either tie a clove hitch in the tiedown cord on the handle, or you can do a couple of twists in the end loop and slip the handle in.

The nice thing about using oars is you can then use the poles to lift the Wing’s side, to open up more headroom. You can also just purchase another pole set for this handy feature.