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How to Strap a Kayak to the NRS Yak Yak Boat Cart

VideoSeptember 21, 2018

Securing your kayak or canoe to the NRS Yak Yak Boat Cart is quick and simple once you know how. In this video, we show you how to use the two included NRS 6' Loop Straps with Buckle Bumpers to attach your boat to the Yak Yak. Now you’re ready to go for portaging and transporting your boat to the water.

Yak Yak Assembly Instructions

Slip the wheels on over the axles. Secure them with the included lynchpin keeper. Simply insert the pin through the hole in the end of the axle and flip the round bail over against the pin.

Now, attach the two included loop straps on the bends in the frame at the outer edges of the foam pads. To secure each half of the loop strap, pass the end around the bend and through the loop.

Attaching Your Boat to the Yak Yak

Find a flat piece of ground. Open the cart, extend the kickstand and set it next to the boat, approximately one-third up from the stern. Have the kickstand forward, toward the bow of the boat.

Ease the boat over on top of the cart. Make sure all four foam pads are contacting the hull. Insert the ends of the straps through the cam buckles and tighten the straps very securely. With experience you’ll figure out the best location for the cart under your boat for ease of towing. Raise the kickstand and you’re ready to wheel your boat to the water!

Avoid towing the boat over large cobble rocks or a deeply grooved concrete boat ramp. Wash the cart with fresh water after use, especially when using in saltwater.

Stowing the Yak Yak in Your Boat

Remove the wheels from the cart, making sure to reinsert and lock the lynchpin keepers so you don’t lose them. Close the cart and slide the pieces in a boat hatch.