SUP Workout

VideoMay 03, 2013

Stand up paddling is an excellent way to stay fit and active outdoors, but proper exercise off the water can greatly enhance your strength and stamina on the board. In this short instructional video, SUP instructor and fitness expert Nikki Gregg gives you four easy-to-learn exercises you can add to your SUP workout to help make you a stronger and healthier paddler.

The first exercise is a Lunge-Squat-Lunge sequence. Take a step forward with your right leg and perform 15 stationary lunges. Keep your shoulders, hips and left knee in alignment as you drop the back leg straight down. Keep your chest facing forward and your abs nice and tight. Next, pivot to the left and perform 15 squat jumps; jump into the air and as soon as you land, squat down and touch your hands to the ground. Next, pivot to the left and perform 15 more stationary lunges. Now do 15 more squat jumps; if you can’t jump in the air do 15 quick squats. Now pivot to the right and do 15 more stationary lunges.

The second exercise is a Modified Handstand Pushup. Lower your hands to the ground and walk your feet forward to get your hips as high in the air as possible. With your back as straight as possible, lower your body down as far as you can, exhale and raise back up. Repeat 15 times. To make this exercise a little more difficult, elevate your feet onto a chair or bench.

The third exercise is Burpees; lower your hands to the ground, kick your feet back to the plank position, lower yourself to a pushup, get up and jump into the air. Repeat 15 times.

Finally, are Inverted Rows. Wrap an NRS HD Strap around a tree or post. Place your feet forward, lean back and pull yourself forward, pause and slowly lower your body. Repeat 15 times.

Do this as a circuit workout, jumping from one exercise to the next without resting between them. Practice this circuit as many times as your fitness level allows.