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Werner Construction & Design

ArticleJune 20, 2011

All Werner Ultimate and Premium blades are carefully hand crafted using a pressure molding process of high quality fiberglass or carbon weave materials and epoxy resin. Our pressure molding process has proven superior to other processes in achieving the right balance between light weight and durability.

Paddle Design

All Werner paddles have carefully designed features to offer the best paddle performance at several price points. In addition to a long life, our design features work together to offer all the benefits of reduced fatigue and increased paddle performance.

Smart-View™ Adjustable Ferrule System®

Smart-View Adjustable Ferrule System
  • Light weight, elegant, easy to use.
  • Changes feather from left to right in 15 degree increments.
  • You determine what feather works best for you.

Light Swing Weight

Light Swing Weight
  • Swing weight is the weight you feel each time you lift your blade during a stroke.
  • A light swing weight reduces fatigue.

Straight Shaft

Straight Shaft
  • Light weight and durable.
  • Predictable, straight, and continuous grip area.
  • Lightly loosen outer fingers to maintain natural wrist alignment.

Neutral Bent Shaft

Neutral Bent Shaft
  • Neutral alignment of shaft, grip, and blade create a stable leverage point for all strokes.
  • Naturally aligns wrists for less stress on your joints.
  • Increased hand contact for better control.

Standard and Small Diameter Shaft

Standard and Small Diameter Shaft
  • Two shaft sizes for a good fit.
  • A good fit allows a paddler to use a light grip.
  • A light grip is more comfortable and reduces fatigue.
  • Ask about our hand sizing chart.


  • Reduces blade flutter by giving direction to the flow of water off the blade.
  • No flutter means your stroke is stable, for more comfort and less fatigue.

Asymmetrical Design

Asymmetrical Design
  • Reduces torque for a smooth entry and exit.
  • Less wrist and hand fatigue.

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