Press ReleaseMarch 17, 2022

NRS Welcomes Emily Jackson, Darby McAdams + Rush Sturges to Athlete Team

MOSCOW, Idaho — Northwest River Supplies (NRS), a worldwide leader in paddlesports equipment and apparel, is welcoming three new athletes to a growing team of ambassadors that prioritize paddling and whitewater as well as community engagement and activism: Emily Jackson, Darby McAdams and Rush Sturges. The athletes will join the NRS Leaders in Environment, Access and Diversity (LEAD) program, which supports the work of community builders and activists in conservation and outdoor participation.

“Emily, Darby and Rush are highly talented paddlers who bring energy, competition, and brilliant storytelling to the sport. We are thrilled to have them join the NRS team,” says NRS LEAD Athlete Manager, Tyler Bradt. “All three of these paddlers have taken their stoke for the sport and channeled it into action for their communities. They continue to make paddling more accessible and welcoming to everyone, regardless of location, background, or resources. They’re going to make our community—and team—stronger than ever.”

“Finding my place in paddlesports has given me so much over the years and I’ve worked to align myself with companies and friends who push me to stay true to myself and to grow, which is why I'm excited to announce my partnership with NRS,” says NRS Athlete Emily Jackson. As a decorated whitewater athlete with multiple World Freestyle Kayak Championships, slalom titles, freestyle kayak medals and numerous podium finishes, Jackson is a champion athlete and activist. She is competing this weekend at the USA Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials. “NRS has invested a ton in recent years not only to their gear, but to sustainability and approachability in paddlesports. These values run parallel with the competitor, enthusiast, and parent I strive to be.”

“I have had the great fortune and privilege to dedicate my energy to the sport I love most. I wouldn’t have these amazing opportunities without my friends and community,” says NRS Athlete Darby McAdams. Hailing from Missoula, Montana, McAdams has been in boats since age 14. Described as a “force of nature with a competitive spirit,” McAdams is bringing that contagious energy and passion to the NRS LEAD Ambassador Team as the LEAD storyteller. “I’m excited to amplify the stories of influential changemakers in the paddling community—and to welcome in the next generation of paddlers while we do it.”

“Every project in my life has served a purpose. They’re all stepping stones and a projection of that particular time and place,” says NRS Athlete Rush Sturges. Raised on the banks of California’s Salmon River, Sturges began developing his skills as a filmmaker from the age of 12. To date, Sturges has created nine award-winning whitewater kayaking films and has honed his skills on location in some of the planet’s wildest places. “I think telling a story is really important, giving people something—and someone—to connect to. I can’t wait to dig into all we have planned with NRS in the coming years to elevate fresh stories that continue to break down barriers to this sport and the outdoors as a whole.”


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