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Press ReleaseFebruary 28, 2023

NRS and onWater Announce Strategic Partnership

Collaboration Creates the Most Innovative River Navigational App for River Runners and Anglers

Moscow, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado — Northwest River Supplies (NRS), the world’s leading supplier of equipment and apparel for water recreation, safety and rescue and onWater, the most innovative water recreation GPS navigation and mapping app, are launching a collaboration to bring exciting new tools and technology to river runners and anglers.

onWater provides detailed information on thousands of miles of rivers, creeks and shorelines across the United States. Satellite imagery provides GPS-specific points of interest and public vs. private property boundaries along river corridors. Using a mobile device, users can track their current location and movement or calculate distances, in river miles, to any point of interest including access points, boat ramps, campgrounds, river hazards, rapids, fly shops and more. A fully integrated photo and journal feature also allows users to use GPS-specific data to record and relive their adventures.

“NRS is thrilled to team up with onWater to bring our community cutting edge technology and tools,” says NRS Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Deming. “As we work to make our sport more accessible, the onWater app opens the door for more people to float and fish safely, responsibly and enjoyably. This collaboration is a natural progression for us and gives us one more way to bring our community together—on the water.”

The watersports and fishing industry is experiencing unprecedented growth with more people seeking out adventure beyond their own backyards. Prior to onWater, anglers wanting to fish and float rivers confidently had to seek out relevant information from a variety of sources—some reliable and some not. That information is now available on-the-go and all in one place with onWater.

“With the exponential growth in fishing, more anglers are migrating to float fishing as a way to explore more water and seek solitude,” says onWater Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Carver. “Float angling, however, demands that anglers be armed with a greater level of information to navigate safely and confidently. Understanding flows, distances, conditions, hazards and stream access laws become much more critical. The onWater app should become a permanent fixture in the NRS raft, just like a life vest.”

The onWater platform consolidates the myriad of resources available in a single, simple, intuitive and personalized app to better inform, plan, manage, relive and enhance its users’ days on the water. In addition to giving river runners and anglers more access and information, both NRS and onWater agree on a core value that runs through everything: a commitment to people and planet. By contributing a portion of revenue to impact partners, supporting local conservation and advocacy campaigns, and promoting responsible recreation practices within the community, NRS and onWater are committed to giving back.


About NRS

100% employee-owned, NRS is the world’s leading supplier of equipment and apparel for water recreation, safety and rescue. Founded in 1972 with a vision to create a better kind of company, NRS is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of its customers, employees and community. For more information on NRS, visit, email the company at or call 877.677.4327.

About onWater

As an outdoor recreation technology provider revolutionizing the way anglers plan, track, record and relive their fishing adventures, onWater is rooted in adventure. Co-Founder and CEO Scott Carver has over three decades of experience in the fishing and technology industries. The onWater app for fishing is proving to be a unifier in the fishing industry while allowing anglers to confidently explore and discover unique angling opportunities. To learn more about onWater, subscribe and download by visiting, email the company at or call 720.316.4257.