NRS 1" Color Coded Tie-Down Straps

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Product Details

NRS Color Coded Tie-Down Straps let you tell at a glance what size strap you have. Tough polypropylene webbing and our heavy-duty 1" cam buckle ensure reliable performance and long-lasting durability.
  • Why fumble around looking for the right cam strap while rigging your boat or loading up gear? Grab the right color and get on with the job.
  • We have color coded six of our most commonly used tie-down strap lengths to make them easy to identify with a glance.
  • Tough polypropylene webbing has a 1,100 lb. Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS).
  • Two center-mounted stainless-steel springs give our cam buckle a stronger, more secure grip on the webbing.
  • Ask any boater and they'll tell you, "You can never have too many straps."


Product Tips

Here is a great tip for protecting straps at highway speeds: anytime you are using a tie-down strap on a vehicle, where a section of the strap is not directly against something, put a twist in the strap in that area. This helps eliminate strap strum, the rhythmic vibration of the strap in the wind. Under the right conditions, this strum can generate enough energy to actually melt or fray and part a strap. This also helps cut down on noise.

  • Polypropylene webbing
  • Die cast, treated zinc buckle
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 1,100 lbs.
Working Load Limit (WLL): 367 lbs.
  • Strap length etched into buckle
  • Integrated bottle opener in buckle
  • Woven name tag
  • Webbing treated with UV protectant
  • All strap lengths are measured in feet.