NRS Bow/Stern 2" D-Ring Carrying Handles

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    Neptune Gray

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Product Details

Combine our EasyCarry™ Handle with a 2" D-ring and you've got the ultimate addition to your boat. This triangle patch is standard on the bow and stern of all E-series rafts.
  • Pennel Orca® material is strong and abrasion resistant.
  • A 6" handle provides a reliable hold.
  • The stainless steel 2" D-ring adds a secure attachment point.
  • Triangle patch is 12 1/2" across, and 9 1/2" high.

More Information


  • 6" handle
  • 2" stainless D-ring
  • 12 1/2" across
  • D-Rings
  • Handles
  • Hypalon / Pennel Orca