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NRS Frame Adjustable Cooler Mounts

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    Adjustable Cooler Mount

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Adjust your cooler to the perfect height with NRS Adjustable Cooler Mounts. Using mounts provides you with a solid seating platform for the rower or passenger.
  • Each half of the mount is hung from separate 1" NRS HD Tie Down Straps (included), making the unit easily adjustable for height and width.
  • Thread the (2) two-foot straps through the back mount and attach to the back rail. This sets the hanging height of the cooler.
  • Thread the (2) six-foot straps through both mounts, adjusting the width as necessary, and attach to the front rail.
  • The curved aluminum bottom pieces lock the cooler rigidly in place, preventing it from swiveling. Especially good if you're rowing from it.
  • When you're using this system in a raft, it lets you keep those heavy items away from the floor, helping to prevent damage.
  • Also includes a pair of 6' NRS Loop Straps, for cinching down the lid.


Dimensions: 6" length on a side
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Material: Aluminum
  • (4) Curved aluminum support pieces
  • (2) 6' NRS Loop Straps
  • (2) 6' NRS Cam Straps
  • (2) 2' NRS Cam Straps