NRS PackRaft Fill Bag

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No need to carry a heavy pump or to huff and puff to inflate your NRS PackRaft. The Fill Bag lets you quickly push in most of the air needed to inflate the raft. It's light, it's simple, it's easy.
  • Insert the bag's vinyl fill tube in the PackRaft's inflation/deflation valve.
  • Open the bag wide and quickly fold the top opening closed.
  • You've now captured approximately two cubic feet of air in the bag. Simply squeeze the bag to push that air into the raft's air chamber.
  • When you've pushed as much air in the tube with the Fill Bag as you can, remove the Bag, close the valve and bring the PackRaft up to full operating pressure by blowing more air into the small twist valves.


Material: 40-denier coated ripstop nylon
Approximate filled volume: 2 cu. ft.
Action: Inflate only
Pump Dimensions: Flat measurement 25
Weight: 0.375 lbs.
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