NRS Z-Drag Kit

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    NFPA Rescue Rope

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    HTP Static Rope


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Boaters know whitewater can be unpredictable; why not invest in a little preventative care? The NRS Z-Drag kit has everything you need to protect and rescue your pride and joy—we mean your boating rig, of course—from the pin you never saw coming.
  • Includes the necessary components to set up a 3:1 mechanical advantage Z-Drag for magnifying your pulling effort.
  • Z-Drag Kits include a 150' length of rope. Your choice of either 3/8" Sterling GrabLine NFPA Rescue Rope or 1/2" Sterling HTP Static Rope.
  • Both kits include all the carabiners, pulleys, tubular webbing and prusik cord needed for the setup. See Specs for the complete parts list.
  • The included Z-Drag Rescue Crib Sheet illustrates the 3:1 Z-Drag, other mechanical advantage systems and the various rope knots used in rescue work.
  • Everything fits inside the durable 40L Purest Mesh Duffel Bag.
  • These un-pin kits are designed for heavy boat extractions. They can certainly be used for rescuing smaller boats like kayaks, however for carrying with you in a kayak we recommend the Kayak Un-Pin Kit (Item # 45309.01.)
While the Z-Drag kit includes the instructions and gear to unpin, right and rescue a boat, it is not a substitute for rescue knowledge. We highly recommend you accompany your Z-Drag kit with the skills taught and learned in a river rescue course.


Weight: 7.8 lbs
Rope Options:
  • 3/8" Sterling NFPA Grabline Rope - 3282 pound strength
  • 1/2" Sterling HTP Static Rope - 9081 pound strength
  • 150' of Rope
  • 3 - Nuq Screw Lock Carabiners
  • 2 - SMC 2" Swiftwater Pulleys
  • 2 - 15' pieces of Red 1" Tubular Webbing
  • 1 - 10' piece of Yellow 1" Tubular Webbing
  • 2 - 6' pieces of 6 mm Prusik Cord (8 mm for Static Kit)
  • 1 - Z-Drag Rescue Crib Sheet
  • 1 - NRS 40L Purest Mesh Duffel Bag