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NRS Otter 142 Fishing Package

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  • NRS Otter 142 Fishing Package

    This image is incorrect.
    The package will include the High-Back Padded Swivel Seats in place of the folding Angler Seats shown.

Product Details

For multi-day trips the Otter 142 gives you extra room for gear and space for passengers to cast. This package comes with an NRS Raft Fishing frame and all the bells and whistles.
  • The Otter 142 is a versatile design that works perfectly for any fishing excursion or multi-day trip down the river.
  • High quality Pennel Orca® tubes and floor, HD40 tube armor and a frame chafe guard make this one heck of a tough boat.
  • A three chamber tube construction ensures you have buoyancy in case of an accident.
  • Reattach the two removable thwarts to make this into a great paddle boat for the whole family.
  • 12 stainless steel 2" D-rings and 4 carrying handles round out this great boat.
  • The NRS Fishing Raft Frame is ideal for a day out on the river catching fish. You get a comfortable rowers seat and a raised High-Back Swivel Seat that puts the angler up high for ease of casting. Note: The photo shows the Angler Swivel Seat, which has been discontinued.
  • The Stern Seat Mount gives you room for another angler in the back of the boat, with a High-Back Swivel Seat that allows you to fish at any angle. Note: The photo shows the Angler Swivel Seat, which has been discontinued.
  • Front and rear casting platforms give you a place to stand up with solid, secure footing.
  • A U-Shaped Thigh Bar gives added stability for the front angler while the Rear "Y" Thigh Bar does the same in the back.
  • The NRS Anchor Mount is a great tool for staying in the spot where the fish are. The pulley system brings the operation of the anchor within easy reach of the rower. Anchor and rope sold separately (3/8" polypropylene rope is recommended)
  • Two 9' Carlisle Oars, with 6.5" Outfitter Blades, are tough and durable; giving you the power to keep you in place or get you back upstream.
  • Two Oar Sleeves give you a quieter system while a pair of Oar Rights keep your oar at the right angle to the water for maximum efficiency with minimum effort.
  • Seven 3' NRS 1" HD Straps will secure the frame to your boat.
  • Includes repair kit.
  • Boat Warranty: 5 Year Retail, 3 Year Commercial

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Product Tips

If you have questions about which boat package would best fit your needs or about substitutions, please call us. 877.677.4327

  • NRS Otter 142 Raft
  • NRS Raft Fishing Frame
  • Stern Seat Mount
  • Large Casting Platform
  • U-Shaped Thigh Bar
  • Anchor Mount for Raft
  • Rear "Y" Thigh Bar
  • Rear Casting Platform
  • 2 - 9' Carlisle Oar shafts
  • 2 - 6.5" Carlisle Outfitter Blades
  • 2 ea. - Oar Rights, Oar Sleeves and Oarlocks
  • 2 ea. - Springs and Washers
  • 7 - 3' NRS 1" HD Straps

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