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NRS Freestone Drifter Inflatable Drift Boat

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    Flip Seat Mount

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    Foot Bar with Foot Pegs

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    10" Oar Mount

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    Rear Anchor Mast

Product Details

The 14' NRS Freestone Drifter is inflatable and includes a break-down frame system. It's perfect for those technical streams where the fishing's great but a rigid drift boat hull isn't practical.
  • The self-bailing inflatable hull handles rocks and shallow water like a raft while tracking as stealthily as a traditional drift boat.
  • The 14' Freestone's smaller size and lower hull height make it highly maneuverable in technical water and capable in windy conditions.
  • There are two drain ports in the drop-stitch floor; one in the center and one near the stern. The 6" diameter ports have a removable screw-on cover that lets you operate the boat as a non-bailer.
  • Made of tough drop-stitch PVC material, the Freestone inflates to a very rigid 9 psi, creating a stout 14-foot drift boat. You can inflate the floor up to 15 psi for the best performance with heavier loads in rough water.
  • The innovative frame uses our ClampIT Frame Accessory to attach the frame to the hull, making for quicker assembly and the frame easily removable.
  • We've include an aluminum dry box, 16"W x 14.5"H x 36"L, for handy storage. You row from a High-Back Padded Seat on our Flip Seat Mount that rests on the dry box.
  • 10" forged-aluminum Oar Mounts, combined with Cobra Oarlocks, give the oarsman excellent control.
  • Casting stations in the bow and stern feature swiveling Angler Seats, marine-plywood decks with textured plastic-laminate surface and Thigh Hooks with Stripping Baskets for secure, comfortable casting in smooth or rough water.
  • The Freestone inflatable drift boat stows readily in a garage, car or small aircraft, or you can ship it UPS to your next fishing destination.
  • High rocker in the bow and stern shorten the waterline for superior tracking and anchoring while helping the boat ride over waves.
  • The three-chamber design and frame ensure it will keep floating and rowing even if an air chamber is compromised.
  • A rigid transom in the stern allows you to attach a small outboard motor.
  • The Foot Bar comes with the adjustable Frame Foot Pegs, to ensure secure bracing for the oarsman.
  • All the frame aluminum has a tough anodized coating to minimize frame marking.
  • An integrated pulley system lets the oarsman operate the anchor from the rowing seat.
  • A heavy-duty rub rail on the gunwales protects high-wear areas.
  • 3" stainless steel D-rings at the bow provide handy tie-off points and let you winch the Freestone onto a trailer.
  • 5 Year retail warranty, 3 year commercial.


Product Tips

  • We recommend treating the raw edges of the plywood with a waterproofing stain or sealer.

Center Line Length: 14'
Gunwale Length: 15'
Beam: 70"
Bottom Width: 55"
Side Height: 21"
Folded Boat Dimensions: 46"L x 26" W x 14" T
Weight (total with frame): 310 lbs
Weight (hull only): 135 lbs
Load Capacity: 900 pounds of people and gear. Exceeding this will interfere with the self-bailing feature.
Valve Type: Leafield - C7
Self Bailing: Yes
Type of Material: PVC Drop-Stitch
Repair Kit: Yes
Warranty: 5 Years Retail, 3 Years Commercial
  • Inflatable hull
  • Modular frame
  • Aluminum Dry Box: 16"W x 14.5"H x 36"L, 4.8 cubic foot
  • Highback Padded Raft Seat
  • Flip Seat Mount
  • 2 Angler Swivel Seats
  • 2 Plasic-laminated marine-plywood casting platforms
  • 2 Thigh Hooks
  • 2 Frame Stripping Baskets
  • Anchor System (line & anchor not included)
  • Oarlocks
  • High pressure pump